Frequently Asked Question

Is your last name really San Diego?

  • Why else would my husband be Mr. San Diego?

How long have you lived in Texas?

  • My husband and I moved to Dallas in April 2018.

What do you shoot with?

  • For adventures, a Fujifilm X100T. It’s my favorite thing to travel with, aside from Mr. San Diego. 
  • For photoshoots, I use a Canon 5D Mark II. It has a broken/glitchy trigger that I’ve been able to work around but am too cheap to buy another new 5D. 

I really want to get into Photography. What starter camera do you recommend?

  • I started shooting with a Canon Rebel T3 and a nifty-fifty (50mm f/1.8). If you’re going to invest in a DSLR, learn how to shoot in manual mode. Don’t be the person who gets the nice camera and shoots in auto mode. You can find other less expensive but just as nice cameras that you can shoot in auto with.
  • Take a few workshops. Look at tutorials online. Take a photo of one object and change the settings for each new photo to see how it changes the shot.

Do you really have a realistic and life-sized Yoda in your living room?

  • Yes. It was Mr. San Diego’s major award. All that was missing was the fra-gee-lay box. If I wanted the man, I had to accept the Yoda.

Why did you name your blog after yourself if you bring Mr. San Diego with you everywhere?

  • Because I’m an independent woman and I do what I want! Plus I’m the photographer and he’s the super cute assistant/intern/husband/carrier-of-things.