Lola - the Tampon Subscription

Disclaimer: If the fact that women bleed once a month makes you uncomfortable, walk away. If this disclaimer has made you uncomfortable, ohhhh boy.

Let’s talk about tampons! Yay!

I must inform you that I am a busy person, a forgetful person, and a major procrastinator. I am always racing to the pharmacy in the 11th hour or sending Mr. San Diego on tampon runs because I run out and forget to buy more.  Sorry, hunny (he doesn't mind).

Every month, it’s the same song and dance and I never seem to learn how to be prepared. I’m thirty – you’d think I’d know after over half a lifetime of monthly menstruations that I’m going to need tampons. As it turns out, I’m not the only one who is inconvenienced by Aunt Flow and has incredibly poor preparation skills. Smart people doing smart things have finally made it convenient and easy to not have to go to the store for your monthly goods anymore!


You read that right. Subscription box for tampons! Not just any tampons, but BETTER tampons. It’s like Ipsy for your vagina! Thanks to social media, I came across a company called Lola that mails you tampons or pads every month. They are made from organic cotton, are biodegradable, use BPA-free applicators, and contain no artificial dyes or chemicals! Do you know what is in the tampons you buy at the drug store? No one really does – tampon manufacturers are not required by the FDA to list their ingredients. It’s not to say that the tampons you’ve been using this whole time are bad for you (no one has done any major tests to prove otherwise from what I can tell), but I absolutely love the idea that there are no harmful chemicals taking up residence in my nether-regions for one week every month. To make the deal even sweeter, Lola gives back and donates tampons to low-income women throughout the United States.

So the big question is – do these tampons work as well as the ones you’ve been using for years? In my experience so far, the answer is YES. Not once have I experienced any leaking or discomfort. Plus, you get to customize your delivery and select how many light, regular, super, and super+ tampons you want in your box and can customize how often you want to get them. Winged pads have a mix and match option between Day and Night absorbency. Tampons come in boxes of 18 with options for applicators or no applicators, and pads come in boxes of 12 with wings or 28 for liners.

Honestly, this entirely discovery and experience was too amazing to not share.

If you want to get on the organic tampon/pad subscription bandwagon, here is what you should know:

Cost: $10.00 for applicator tampons per delivery plus $0.90 tax. $9 for all other options.
Packaging: Totally discrete! Comes in a brown nondescript box.

There are several other tampon subscription companies out there, but so far, Lola is the only one I’ve used and no, I'm not sponsored by them. Are you already getting your tampons mailed to you but using a different company? Let me know what your experience has been so far!