Bay City Brewing Co.

Sometimes spontaneous mini-adventures turn out to be the most fun! That was the case when Mr. San Diego and I drove past Bay City Brewing in Sports Arena / Point Loma and decided to check it out.

Being so close to the Viejas Sports Arena, this brewery is proudly a San Diego Gulls favorite. It is within walking distance to the stadium and incorporates aspects of the team into their t-shirts and decor. The main area is large and open, and their back area feels like a closed off and separate little world. Sit around with your friends, play some cornhole, or eat something delightful if a food truck is around.

Confession time – I’m not a beer aficionado. I don’t drink often and my tastes in beer are not refined. Therefore, I’m not the foremost authority on educating you on what beers to try. HOWEVER, when I find a beer I like, it’s a big deal to me. When I go back for seconds, it’s HUGE. HUGE I TELL YOU. And boy, did I find a beer I like. 

Say hello to the Grapefruit Radler!

It was refreshing, sour without being bitter, and incredibly tasty! I had two tulips and if I was feeling ballsy, I might have actually stepped up to a pint. Alas, I was driving and being a lightweight means two-tulip max. Mr. San Diego delighted in the San Diego Pale Ale, which is their best selling brew according to their Instagram account. 

We had such a great time at this brewery, and it was mostly due in part to the super cool bartenders on staff.  

Honestly, this brewery felt like the place that locals come to hang out with friends. I love it!

Here is what you need to know:
Website: (must be 21+)
Address: 3760 Hancock St, San Diego, CA 92110
Hours: Opens at Noon