Holiday Wrapping Ideas

This Christmas, I decided to ditch the traditional holiday gift tags and brought out my Instax Mini 8 to take pictures of the giftees instead! I loved how this turned out and wanted to share the idea with those who are looking for some wrapping inspiration.

While wrapping presents may seem like a tedious task to most, I happen to be a lunatic and really enjoy it. I have fun picking out different kinds of ribbon, twine, and dinglehoppers to tie around a gift.

One of my absolute favorite things to use for wrapping is kraft paper. Not only does it give a rustic feel to your gifts – it is also a really great neutral canvas that you can mix and match any kind of accessory with. Plus, it is sturdier than standard wrapping paper, does not rip easily, and you can use it for any occasion.

Most of my ribbon and twine is from World Market. Both the green and red ribbon in the pictures above were purchased there. They have great stuff around the holidays and I have quite the World Market ribbon collection. Another great place to check out is Michaels or Jo-Ann, as they always have great coupons available online and a wide assortment of little knick-knacks. You can also check out Amazon, which is where I usually get my twine (since it’s cheaper), or you can use basic white cotton kitchen twine.

Kraft Paper: Amazon
Printed Reindeer Ribbon: World Market
Red Ribbon with Gold Glitter: World Market (could not find online)
White and Gold Bakers Twine: Michaels
White Twine: Amazon
Frosted Pinecones: Michaels
Mini Candy Canes: Michaels

Special BONUS:

Princess Buttercup, my hilarious five-year-old niece, also wanted to partake in the day of wrapping, so she and Uncle Mr. San Diego went to the store and she selected her favorite wrapping paper and ribbon! It was incredibly adorable and the ribbon she chose worked perfectly as a tail for the unicorns.