Chances are you have heard of FabFitFun, the quarterly subscription box that sends you full sized beauty, fashion, and fitness products. Social media is overrun with influencers showing you the contents of their boxes, as well as celebrities advertising the service because they're paid to do so. 

If you have not heard of this subscription box, allow me to enlighten you. Once a quarter, FabFitFun sends you a box filled with full sized products worth hundreds of dollars for $49.99 or $179.99 annually. 

While this box is at a higher price point than other popular subscription boxes, most of the products you receive are from well known prestige brands AND all of them are full sized. Having now received four boxes over the past year, I feel confident in sharing my thoughts and experience with the brand. At first, I had a lot of doubts about FabFitFun. Anything that has "#ad" on Instagram should be treated with a level of skepticism regarding the product being sold. Is the product really as good as claimed or does someone just want a payday out of it? Since the service seemed easy to cancel, I decided to give in to the #ad #hype and see if the box was really worth it.

After receiving my first box a year ago, it did not take me long to decided that, YES - IT IS SO WORTH IT. With every new FabFitFun delivery, I am blown away by the fact that I want to use everything I received. Out of the four boxes I have opened so far, there have only been two items that I did not want or did not ever use. Items received in the past range from scarves, a gym bag, travel mugs, jewelry, travel items, and beauty products.

Winter’s box came in this week and once again, I was not disappointed! If I'm being totally honest, this box is the least exciting of the four I've received, BUT - I still intend on using everything in it. My box came with a total of nine products and a total retail value of $389, of which I only paid $49.99.

Something to note is that not everyone receives the exact same items. My cousin is also a member and we may get the same product in different colors, or get something entirely different but from the same company. 

If you're interested in signing up, use this link (http://xo.fff.me/ezrON) so I get credit and can keep getting more boxes. Plus, you get $10 off your first box, so win-win, yeah? Promo Code: fffa2p6

Here is a look and price breakdown for my Winter box!

8. 8 Other Reasons Nine Lives Choker  - $58

9. BB Dakota Poncho in Black - $70

This quarter's box was a pretty good one and I was most excited for the poncho, the choker, the eye masks, and the exfoliator. Even Mr. San Diego was excited when he saw the pillow spray, as he is a big fan of lavender scents and once used a similar product from Bath and Body Works. My least favorite of the haul was the palette since I am not a fan of purple-toned smokey eyeshadows. Luckily there are other colors in there that I would still use, but I'm staying away from the bright purple color.

As I mentioned above, you can pay quarterly or pay annually. One of the benefits to signing up annually is that you become a "Select" member and have more opportunities to customize your options in your box. Since I'm only paying on a quarterly basis, I don't have many options for customization, but I may reconsider this decision in order to prevent getting future items in shades I'm not excited about.

Overall, I would say FabFitFun is a cool way to get fun products for less. It is like getting a Christmas present delivered to your doorstep every three months. Do you need this in your life? Not at all. Is it expensive? Yes. Is it something fun to do if you have the disposable income for it? Heck yes.

Get your own subscription herehttp://xo.fff.me/ezrON
Promo Code: fffa2p6