Devil's Dozen Donut Shop

Mmmmm. Donuts.

For as long as I can remember, I have been a maple bar loyalist. I loved finding the best hole-in-the-wall donut shops and leaving with that iconic pink box filled with maple bars. Don’t bother me with that bear claw non-sense. Sprinkles? HA! Child’s play. Jelly filled donuts? Blasphemy! Little could tear me away from the perfection that is the maple bar.  Although Mr. San Diego disagrees with me, my point is that no other donut ever seemed good enough to stray away from my holy grail.

Then, something happened. Donuts became the newest canvas for culinary creatives and a new craft donut movement started to sweep across the West Coast. No longer the donuts of our childhood, craft donuts became the cool kids of the breakfast club. New favors and fun toppings make these donuts completely unique and worthy of showing off on your Instagram page.

Although there are several incredible donut shops around San Diego, Devil’s Dozen Donut Shop happens to be the one within walking distance from my home and a place that Mr. San Diego and I have visited on several occasions. We don’t just go here because it’s conveniently close – we go here because THEIR DONUTS ARE SINFULLY GOOD!

Have you ever had a Captain Crunch donut? Donut bites that taste like churros?! Be still my heart. I’ve broken up with the maple bar and don’t think I’ll ever go back.

Devil’s Dozen Donut Shop not only sells deliciously cool donuts – they also have a super cool location. Located right next to Kettner Exchange, this shop is about the size of two shipping containers stacked on top of each other. You walk up to the ordering window, order your sugary delights, and walk up the stairs to the top deck seating area with a view of the harbor. Starting your day off with a delicious donut, organic coffee, and harbor breeze is something special.

Devil's Dozen is open every day and they close when they are "all souled out". Their specialty donuts are always changing, so check out their website for their flavors of the day. 

Here is what you need to know:
Instagram: @devilsdozendonuts
Location: 2001 Kettner Blvd., San Diego, CA 92101
Hours: M-F 7am, S-S 8am