StreetCar Merchants

Some matches are made in heaven. Others are made in the kitchen. I’m fairly certain that chicken and waffles were made in both.

Streetcar Merchants of Fried Chicken, Doughnuts, and Coffee in North Park has been around for a while now and Mr. San Diego and I have frequented this establishment on several occasions. There are a few things you can always expect when you visit, the first being very long wait times. Now, under normal circumstances, I would loathe having to wait more than twenty-five minutes for a meal; however, the chicken and waffles here are SO STUPIDLY GOOD and the chicken is made to order. Giant chicken legs take a long time to fry and it is so worth the wait. We once waited almost an hour for our meal and we had no regrets. I’m telling you this at the beginning because you’re going to wait a long time, no matter how empty or full the place may be – BUT, the food is worth it. Seriously.

Not only is the chicken amazing, but the waffles are thick and fluffy and perfect for a fried chicken pairing. Drizzle some syrup on everything and have at it.

If you’re ready for some dessert, pick up an incredible gourmet doughnut. I’d show you a picture, but this photo adventure happened to be on a weekday and they apparently no longer sell them on weekdays! I was not a happy camper about this, but I’ve had their doughnuts in the past and I can tell you that they are delicious. Their coffee is something I can’t speak to, which is surprising considering that I have a coffee addiction. Now I need to go back on a weekend for a Whiskey Pecan Doughnut (which is ridiculously good) and a coffee. 

One of the things that I really like about this North Park location are the open walls and walk-up setup. You order at the counter, find a spot to sit, and people watch while enjoying maple-y chicken. There is a ton of foot traffic, so the people watching is pretty good. If you're in the La Jolla are, they recently opened a sit down restaurant and they will be opening a location Downtown in the future.

Check this place out - I promise you won't regret it!

Here is what you need to know:
Instagram: @streetcarmerchants
Location: 4002 30th Street, San Diego, CA 92104
Hours: Check their website.