Blogtober | How to: Pig in a Blanket Costume

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Halloween is almost here!!! Costumes are such a fun part of this amazing holiday but making your own can sometimes be expensive, time consuming, and stressful. That is why I put together this cheap, easy, and punny DIY Pig in a Blanket costume that is adorable and comfortable! I already had some of the items needed and I spent FOUR DOLLARS making this.

Not only is it easy, but it is perfect for work. You can easily take off the nose, ears, and blanket and go about your day. If you show up to the office and discover that no one else dressed up - well, no one will have to know that you did.

What You’ll Need

  • Hot Glue Gun

  • Scissors

  • Empty Toilet Paper or Paper Towel Roll

  • Headband

  • Party Hat with Elastic

  • 2 Sheets Light Pink Felt, 1 Sheet Dark Pink Felt, 1 Sheet Black Felt

  • Blanket (not pictured)

  • Stuffing (not pictured)

  • Marker/Pen (not pictured)

Since I already had the scissors, hot glue gun, blanket, marker, and toilet paper roll. I only needed a few more things! I went to a local dollar store and bought a pack of party hats and a headband. The headband that I bought had cat ears glued to it but I just ripped them off. Then I went to Michaels and got five sheets for felt for $0.30 each! After tax, I spent a little under $4!

Step 1: Cut Ears

  • Grab one of your light pink sheets of felt and the dark pink felt and fold them hamburger style.

  • Fold in half to find the middle and make a small mark.

  • Sketch out your ears. You’ll want to make the light pink ears as large as you can with the space. The dark pink needs to be smaller and you only need one piece for each ear.

  • Cut out the ears. You should have four light pink pieces and two dark pink pieces.

Step 2: Glue Ears

  • Glue together your light pink ears, leaving the bottom open.

  • Glue a dark pink piece on top of each ear.

  • Insert your choice of stuffing into each ear. I used cotton rounds because I didn’t have cotton balls. You want to stuff them lightly - don’t add too much, and allow space at the bottom to fold onto the headbands.

  • Glue the bottoms closed.

Step 3: Pinch Ears and Add to Headband

  • To give a more realistic ear shape, add a strip of glue to the bottom portion of the ears and pinch them until the glue is dry. They should look like the photo above.

  • Add a strip of glue to the bottom of the ears and glue them onto the headband. Remember, these are not bunny ears. You should glue them so they stick out from the sides.

Step 4: Fold Ears

  • Add a strip of glue along the red dotted line as shown above. Fold the ears down along the glue and hold until the glue dries.

  • You’re all done! Now to make the nose.

  • Please ignore my messy, messy hot glue work.

Step 5: Cut Paper Roll

  • Using your scissors, cut the paper towel roll to get the desired length of your nose.

  • I cut mine down a little more than what is shown in the picture. It ended up being too long and I probably made it 1/4” shorter.

Step 6: Wrap Nose in Felt

  • With your other light pink felt sheet, cut a strip a bit wider than your roll and cut a circle a bit wider that the circumference.

  • Glue the circle to the roll to cover one end.

  • Glue the strip around the roll. Cut off the excess.

Step 7: Add Nostrils

  • Cut out small nostrils from the sheet of black felt.

  • My scissors were despicable and cutting the felt was harder than necessary. Don’t judge my sloppy nostrils.

  • Glue them onto the nose.

Step 8: Add Elastic Band

  • If you were wondering why you needed a party hat for this DIY, this is why! The elastic band on those cheap hats are perfect for keeping your nose on because they’re stretchy and almost invisible. Remove the elastic off the hat.

  • Cut two small strips of leftover felt.

  • Add a dollop of glue the inside of the nose. Make sure to take your the directions of your nostrils into account.

  • Lay down one end of the elastic band to the glue.

  • Take your small strip of leftover felt and press it onto the elastic and hot glue.

  • Repeat for the other side of the nose.

  • If the nose does not fit comfortably on your face, cut out a space for your schnoz, and cut a space under your nostrils.

Step 9: Admire your work, then…

Step 10: Grab a blanket! Oink oink.

I hope you loved this DIY tutorial! Let me know in the comments if you decide to make this yourself!

Happy Blogtober! XOXO