October Favorites

What an incredible October! It rained like crazy in Texas, I successfully completed my first Blogtober, and the heat is FINALLY gone. I had a great month and of course, like every other month, I have a list of favorites to share with you beautiful people. 

Enjoy! xoxo

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1. Rainy Show Rain Boots - $28.99

This October has been the wettest DFW has ever seen! Suddenly, for the first time in my life, I realized that I needed rain boots. I ruined a pair of new flats walking around in the rain and had to cut my first pair of rain boots off my feet (long story). Then I found these super cute rain boots on Amazon and have been completely obsessed with them! The faux quilting and faux stitching on the sides makes them look as though they could be nice dress boots. I love that they match my work clothes, slide on and off easily, have a solid heel, and are affordable! 

Where to Get Them: amazon.com 

2. Tatcha Violet-C Radiance Mask - $68

I have heard a lot of great things about this mask. People rave about the brightening and smoothing effects. My face has a lot of discoloration from old acne scars and my skin looks like a speckled egg when I don’t wear makeup. I really wanted something that brightened my face without being too harsh on my skin. This stuff did exactly that! It’s not an instant magical cure for my spotty face BUT I did see a small noticeable difference in the brightness and my feeling of my skin. It feels like a smooth calming layer of cream when applied and does not have any tingling sensations. I love it!

Where to Get It: sephora.com

3. Clinique Smart Custom-Repair Eye Treatment - $50

When I first purchased this eye cream, I felt disappointed in the lack of immediate results and almost returned it. I had been using it for a week and didn’t feel or see any noticeable difference around my eyes. However, due to extreme laziness, I kept using it and I’m glad I did. About three weeks into regular twice-a-day use, I looked in the mirror and was caught off guard by how much lighter my eye area looked and how smooth my makeup went on. After almost three whole weeks of being absolutely annoyed and thinking it was not doing a damn thing…BAM! It brightened up my entire eye area and the wrinkles around my eyes suddenly looked A LOT smoother. Now, the only thing I dislike about it is the packaging. It looks like metal but it’s just plastic. Oh well - at least the product works!

Where to Get It: sephora.com 

4. Ello Fulton Ceramic Travel Mug - $12.79

I love this mug! I’ve had it for months now and it dawned on me that I’ve never added it to my favorites. It looks super cute and I use it every morning for work! It fits perfectly into my car’s cupholder and keeps my coffee warm. What else could I ask for?

Where to Get It: target.com

5. Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer - $7.49

I recently decided that I wanted to start trying out more drugstore makeup brands because I spend too much money on painting my face. Maybelline’s Age Rewind Concealer has been a cult classic for many people and after buying my own, I totally understand why. Not only is this concealer less than eight dollars but it actually ROCKS! I’ve been using this to brighten my under eye area and it blends out incredibly well. I like that it has a twist applicator and that it scrapes the tube clean as it goes. I’m a fan of how easy it is to apply and I genuinely love the coverage. It keeps up with my foundation and it lasts all day. I’m a fan!

Where to Get It: target.com

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1. Funnel Cake Ale by Community Beer Co

Mr. San Diego says, “This beer is good. I like it”.

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Favorite Movie: a star is born

Image Source:    IMDB

Image Source: IMDB

Normally, I try to select a favorite that isn’t an obvious blockbuster movie that the masses love. However, I happened to LOVE this movie. Bradley Cooper’s performance was absolutely incredible and it made me really emotional. His portrayal of a drunk was SOO convincing that it almost hurt to keep watching. To make the movie even better, Lady Gaga singing Shallows made me cry way too much.

Mr. San Diego does not agree. He didn’t care for the movie. But, this isn’t Mr. San Diego’s blog, so…yeah.

Favorite Binge: The Curious Creations of Christine mcConnell

Image Source:    IMDB

Image Source: IMDB

I. AM. OBSESSED! If you’re not familiar with Christine McConnell, she is an absurdly talented baker/artist/model who makes amazingly realistic edible creations. Her projects are detailed, sometimes massive, and are literal pieces of art. If you were to combine Martha Stewart and Morticia Adams, you’d get Christine. Throw in a campy narrative, a bunch of incredible tutorials, add a few incredible Henson Company puppets, and you get this show. I binged the entire series in one day! I feel super motivated to step up my game now and master the dark art of baking.

Favorite Other: Dr. Death Podcast

Image Source:    stitcher.com

Image Source: stitcher.com

If I ever need surgery, I might just leave the state to get it done because this podcast has traumatized me! Can you imagine getting surgery on your spine by someone who is an acclaimed surgeon by reputation only to find out that you’ve just been operated on by someone who is actually unstable and unexperienced?! How does something like this happen? Dr. Death focuses on Dr. Christopher Duntsch, a confident neurosurgeon in Dallas with a despicable track record who continued to operate on patients legally because of a broken medical system. It is absolutely insane and this podcast is worth the binge!