Whistle Britches Chicken

Fried chicken, biscuits, cocktails. What else do you need?

Whistle Britches Chicken in North Dallas serves incredible fried chicken in a fantasticly hip-yet-casual restaurant. High ceilings with exposed ducts, mix-and-match seating, and chicken-themed artwork are a few of the Instagram-able touches that make my hipster dreams come true. House-made sauces can be found on every table with three different hot sauces and a bottle of honey. House-made mix berry jam is served with the biscuits and it is the best jam ever (I tried to buy some after but they didn't sell it). I absolutely ADORED the variety of seating and the open, airy flow of the entire restaurant.

Aside from being such a cool spot to hang out at, the food is honestly delicious. I ordered the chicken and waffles and I LOVED IT. The chicken was perfectly juicy without being greasy and it was served with jalapeño cane syrup and honey butter. I loved that they use chicken tenders so I didn’t have to worry about working around a bone. Their biscuits are so flakey and large that I couldn’t pick it up without crumbling, and as I mentioned above, the mixed berry jam is something special.

Mr. San Diego ordered the Hot Dang sandwich and it was perfectly spicy and balanced by a delicious dill ranch. They also had a fantastic beer and cocktail menu, with a great selection of local brews and a variety of craft mixed drinks. Our waiter recommended the Aunt Maybelle's Mule and it was a perfectly refreshing blackberry-basil drink for the hot summer day.

Although it was too hot to eat outside on this particular evening, the patio would be an incredible spot for brunch on a cooler morning or enjoy a late evening with friends! They have awesome cocktails and I would definitely bring my friends and family here.

Here is what you need to know:
Website: whistlebritcheschicken.com
Instagram: @whistlebritcheschicken
Location: 6110 Frankford Road, Dallas, TX 75252
Hours: Check their website.