July Favorites

This has been such a good month for me! A few of my new favorites have impressed me so much that they’re now permanent parts of my skincare routine! I’m so excited to share the wealth with you all.


1. Clinique Moisture Surge Spray - $25.50

One of my favorite YouTubers recommended this. Yes, I’m in my thirties and watch YouTube videos. Movin’ on. She raved about this product and it intrigued me, but not enough to go out and buy it immediately. My skin type is oily and I didn’t think I really needed this but I finally decided to give it a try and now I’m completely obsessed.

There are two main things that I love about this spray:

  • One – it’s amazing. I noticed that my foundation applied differently after using this. It went on smoother and seemed to last longer.  I use the spray every morning and night, after my toner and before my serum, and my skin honestly feels so soft after spraying it on. It also feels quite refreshing to spritz this all over on these hot summer days.
  • Two – the spray makes it so easy to moisturize my neck and chest! These are two areas that I often neglect and shouldn’t, especially since I know they are areas that show signs of aging. With this spray, I can quickly spritz it all over and give my neck and chest much needed moisture with almost no effort. It absorbs quickly into the skin, so you don’t have to worry about it staying wet or looking oily.

This product is absolutely a new holy grail for me!

Where to Get It: sephora.com

2. Coola Face Sport SPF 50 White Tea - $32

SPF and my face do NOT get along. Every time I use it, I end up with an irritated face and giant whiteheads. It makes me want to forego SPF even though I know I need it! I’ve tried a handful of SPF moisturizers over the past few years and they all have wreaked havoc on my face.

I would not have made the effort to try the Coola Face SPF if it had not been included in the Summer ’18 FabFitFun box – but, since I had it, I figured I might as well give it a shot. You guys – YOU GUYS – I spent all day sweating in the sun with a full face of makeup and I came home to ZERO whiteheads. Not a pimple, not a red patch, NOTHING. I thought it was a fluke so I tried it the next day, and again, no irritation! I’ve been using it all month and there isn’t a clogged pore in sight!

I am shooketh! Another new holy grail product to always have on hand!

Where to Get It: sephora.com

3. Fanola No Yellow Shampoo - $ Varies

This is for you blondies out there, especially us fake blondes!  Brassiness is a real problem and we all know that we need to use purple shampoo to keep it at bay. I never really thought about the quality of the shampoos I’ve used until I bought the Fanola one. This stuff is really dark purple and can stain your hands if you don’t wash them within a few minutes. However, it does not turn your hair purple AND it works better than any other purple shampoo I’ve used in the past. It doesn’t dry your hair out and it actually works.

It is a bit hard to find but it is usually available on Amazon. If the link below doesn’t have any in stock, search around and you might be able to find it in another size.

Where to Get It: amazon.com

4. Scunci No Slip Most Comfortable Headband - $2.99

I know this is a weird pick but hear me out. Standard plastic headbands do not normally work for me because I have a very large and oddly shaped head. It’s true. They either pinch my head too much or don’t fit at all. Even though I know I have this problem, I still need something to keep the baby hairs back when washing my face. I went to Target to buy a new torture device, grabbed this basic black headband, and was then shocked when it flexed in my hand! A FLEXIBLE HEADBAND! I can mold this thing to fit my giant head and it has a rubber base that grabs and holds back the hairs around my face! I’m obsessed!

Where to Get It: target.com

5. Bombas Lightweight No Show Socks – 1 for $10.50

I have seen and heard advertisements for these socks for a long time and always walked away when I saw the $10 price tag for A SINGLE PAIR OF SOCKS. Who spends that much on socks?! Apparently, I do when they have a 20% off coupon code. Turns out, these are really, really nice socks!

Do you wear no-show socks and are constantly having to pull them back up, even if they have a silicone grip? That has always been my daily struggle. I just assumed it was inevitable since I’ve tried many different brands and it’s always the same problem. Some brands work when they’re brand new but once you wash them, they’re practically worthless.

After getting my Bombas socks, I have not had to reach my fingers into my shoes to yank my socks up once! I have washed them many times and they retain their shape perfectly! I love these damn expensive-yet-worth-it socks. If you buy a four or eight pack, you save about 5% and then you can use a coupon code on top of it. 

Most of my shoes are either Keds or Toms and these don’t show at all with them. Bombas also donates a pair of socks to a homeless shelter for every pair purchased, which is an added bonus.

Where to Get It: bombas.com

6. colourpop all star setting spray - $10

ColourPop just came out with this all-new setting spray that is only $10! 

Just a heads up - the spray nozzle is aggressive. It's not a fine mist and it sprays a lot of liquid, so use with caution and hold it arm's length. I sprayed on half of my face with the Urban Decay setting spray (which has a nozzle that I prefer) and the All Star on the other side of my face. At the end of the day, you could tell that the All Star side was not as oily as the Urban Decay side. I'm not the biggest fan of the smell, but for the matte aspect and the price, I think it's definitely a good bargain find!

Where to Get It: colourpop.com


Yeti Rambler Colster - $24.99

We have quickly learned in our three months living in Texas that coozies are essential for outdoor beer drinking. It is so hot here in Texas and beers get warm FAST. Our friends in Oklahoma had these amazing Yeti colsters that they let us use while at the lake for the day, and Mr. San Diego and I were so impressed that he immediately went out and bought two! They're heavy duty and keep your brew cold for a very, very long time - way longer than the neoprene coozies we all know.

They also hold bottles and comes with hilarious fake cans that you can lift the lid off and use to hide things inside. 

Where to Get It: dickssportinggoods.com

Favorite Movie: Three Identical Strangers

Image Source :  amazon.com

Image Source: amazon.com

Documentaries have been killing it in the box office this summer! If you don’t know anything about the story of these triplets, do NOT look it up. Go watch the film and avoid as many spoilers as you can. It is so well done and really starts a great conversation about nature vs. nurture and ethics.

Favorite Binge: Dark TourisT

Image Source :  amazon.com

Image Source: amazon.com

Nothing says “vacation” like a trip to Columbia to hang out with Pablo Escobar’s personal assassin. David Farrier’s eight-episode Netflix series has him traveling to destinations that have history or associations with death or darkness, and his adventures lead him to meet fascinating people and/or put him in dangerous situations. You learn a bit about different cultures, different countries, and different controversies that you may or may not be familiar with. It’s an awesome watch and an easy binge!

Favorite Other: Hannah Gadsby: Nanette

Image Source :  amazon.com

Image Source: amazon.com

Hannah Gadsby is a TREASURE - a frickin’ TREASURE. Her special on Netflix may be one of the best things I’ve seen all year. It starts off as a comedy and turns into so much more. Hannah addresses misogyny, homophobia, assault, art history, and self-deprecating humor in ways that will make you laugh, cry, and seethe in anger. It is absolutely incredible. I couldn’t stop thinking about the stories she told and the lessons to learn from them, and I want everyone to go watch this!

What did you fall in love with in July?