Guy Fieri's Taco Joint | Texas Live!

Arlington just got a whole lot cooler!

Texas Live!

Nestled between Globe Life Park and AT&T Stadium is the brand new Texas Live! sports entertainment center! This 200,000 square foot complex is the perfect place for a social sporting experience. Awesome new restaurants, a massive indoor atrium with an eighty foot screen, an outdoor concert venue, and several bar areas comprise this swanky new $250MM joint venture between the City of Arlington, the Texas Rangers, and The Cordish Companies

One of the coolest parts of this complex is their collaboration with celebrities like Hall of Famer and Cowboys legend Troy Aikman, who opened a gourmet burger sit-down restaurant called Troy's. Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez, Hall of Famer and Rangers legend, opened a food court style pizza shop called Pudge's Pizza. Lastly, the Mayor of Flavor Town himself, Guy Fieri, opened a food court style taco shop called Guy Fieri's Taco Joint

Mr. San Diego and I went to the Grand Opening on Thursday and we had a really great time walking around, eating tacos, and drinking beer out of a boot!

Guy Fieri's Taco Joint

Tacos and margaritas - served "Guy's Way"! With seven different taco options, this food court style restaurant is bursting with color and smells exactly how a taco joint should.

I was surprised to see words like "achiote" and "poblano rajas" on the menu, as these are more traditional ingredients in Mexican cuisine and not something I would expect to find in a state where TexMex reigns surpreme. I was even more surprised after I took my first bite of my Achiote Chicken tacos because they were SO DAMN GOOD! As Guy would say, these tacos took me to Flavor Town! Mr. San Diego had the Al Pastor tacos with Shiner Ruby Red marinated pork shoulder, and he said they were the best tacos he has eaten since we moved to Texas. 


We wish we could have mixed up the taco options, but I guess we will just have to go back again for more! We didn't try any of the margaritas since I'm super allergic to agave (which is in tequila), but our neighbors around us sure looked like they enjoyed them!

At the moment, there is not any social media presence beyond Yelp. No IG page, no FB, no website. So, I can't direct you to anything since nothing exists yet.

Go check out Texas Live! and Guy's Taco Joint! You can park for free if there aren't any games happening at either of the stadiums. Stay for a concert while you're at it, watch a game on the big screen, and munch on some good eats - you'll have a blast!