Funfetti Ombré Cake

I absolutely love funfetti cake! Every time I see those incredible colored sprinkles on that light and fluffy vanilla cake, I am immediately taken back to my childhood.

When I was really young, I loved making cakes for my family whenever it was someone’s birthday. I would walk to the local grocery store, buy a box of funfetti cake mix and funfetti frosting, and bake a boxed cake with all the love in the world. It was my way of giving something special and homemade to my loved ones with the added bonus of being able to share in that sweet and delicious cake with them!

-memory lane-

I completely forgot that I was a boxed-cake-aficionado when I was a kid until I started baking this bake. Now that I remember, it feels like such a vivid memory because it was something that I loved to do! I would walk to the grocery store with money that I earned from recycling cans and I felt like such a sassy grown up using my own my money. From the buying of the cake to the baking of the bake, I would do it (almost) all on my own and that small sense of independence was something that I can recall being incredibly proud of. It was an adventure, it was something to build my confidence, and it was something that I loved to do. Who knew that boxed cake could be a symbol of childhood independence?!

Now that I am a thirty-something, funfetti is STILL one of my favorite cakes! It is a little bit of nostalgia in every bite. However, instead of boxed cakes, I’ve graduated to making homemade cake and I love that I have full control over sprinkle distribution. I’ve recently fallen in love with Molly Yeh and she has an incredible recipe for funfetti cake in her book and on her blog!

Recipe Link:

-soooo cute-

How stinking cute did my cake turn out?! I made a cake that I would have LOVED when I was kid celebrating my own birthday. It’s covered in pink buttercream, has a ton of sprinkles on the top, and the inside is evenly distributed. There is no egg yolk and that is what keeps the cake white instead of yellow. To replace that missing fat, there is about a quarter cup of oil and that makes the cake a little dense but super moist! My original intention with this cake was to make it three layers and decorate it simply, but I broke the third layer (which was a delicious snack) and decided that I’d do something fun instead!

I absolutely LOVE this cake recipe and I had a lot of fun piping it with this bright pink buttercream ombré frosting. Pink isn’t a color I would normally use but I was feeling nostalgic and I loved the color as a kid. I think I’ll have to make this for my nieces on their birthday and maybe start a new funfetti cake tradition with them!

enjoy! xoxo