Dark Horse Coffee Roasters

Friends – we need to talk. Something happened and I need others to know. Something that I thought would never happen actually happened. I can’t stop thinking it about…

…I feel in love with an iced coffee drink.

WHAT?! Yes…me, the hot latte loyalist. The girl who only gets iced coffee when it’s too damn hot but usually regrets it because iced coffee never tastes as good as my beloved hot coffee. All of the big coffee chains have only further reinforced my dislike for the chilled beverage. My love for coffee may or may not be greater than my love for Mr. San Diego, but it can be rough drinking a hot-and-steamy cup of goodness when it’s 90+ degrees outside. It’s even rougher drinking a cup of watered down java.

Luckily, my coffee addiction has found its summertime companion at Dark Horse Coffee and I cannot get over how absolutely delicious The Champ is. Cinnamon + honey + (almond) milk + espresso = The Champ. Throw it on some ice and revel in its surprising deliciousness.

I devoured my drink in just minutes. Somehow it was sweet without being too sweet and it was true love at first sip.

Enough about The Champ – let’s talk about the actual Dark Horse Coffee Roasters location. Sharing a wall and address with Waypoint Public (see previous post), this coffee shop in North Park surprised me because of how SMALL it was.

I’ve heard great things about Dark Horse and assumed I would find a sea of headphone wearing, laptop using coffee aficionados with pour-overs at each of their tables. It surprised me to find that there was only enough room on the inside for three little tables. However, this is only one of their three San Diego locations – so if you’re looking for a place to get your coffee and spend some time on your laptop, I would recommend going to one of their other locations instead. If you’re in North Park and looking for a great coffee to go, then mosey on over to this location.

Super helpful baristas helped me decide what drink to choose and Mr. San Diego and I topped off our drink choices with a delightful vegan donut from their craft vegan donut company Skinny Donuts. We even got a super cool mug because who doesn’t love the Descendants?

Since it was a perfectly breezy 70-something day, we happily walked outside to enjoy our drinks in the shade. It didn’t hurt that the wall was a perfect setup to snap some photos! I’ll definitely be going back for The Champ very SOON.

Here is what you need to know:
Website: darkhorsecoffeeroasters.com
Instagram: @darkhorsecoffee
Location: 3794 30th St., San Diego, CA 92104
Hours: M-F 6:30am – 6pm, S-S 7am to 7pm