Nomad Donuts

If you haven’t noticed from my other blog posts, I am a fan of craft donuts. Therefore, it should be of no surprise to fellow San Diegans that Nomad Donuts in North Park was on my list of places to blog about.

Nomad Donuts is a well-loved San Diego gourmet donut shop for a few reasons. Their incredibly unique selection of donuts is ever changing and includes sweet and savory flavors from all around the world. They are constantly collaborating with local San Diego businesses and their creativity keeps patrons constantly coming back for more. Ever had an IPA and bacon donut? How about something with mango and Jamaican Jerk? Every creation feels whimsical, experimental, and exciting!

There are two things you can expect when going to Nomad Donuts - a long line and an overwhelming amount of donuts that complicates decision making. Since their location is very small and contains NO indoor seating (although there are four little outdoor tables with chairs), you should mentally prepare yourself in advance to wait in line outside. Take your preparation one step further and check out their Instagram to see what their specialty donuts are for that day.

When we arrived to Nomad Donuts, it was SELENA SUNDAY. Yes, THAT Selena – the TexMex GODDESS. Although I could see no reference other than a playlist that contained some Selena songs, the fact that they had Selena written on their chalkboard was enough to make me ridiculously giddy. 

Mr. San Diego decided on the Blueberry Jam Hazelnut donut and the Sweet Potato Cake San Diego Brewing Nut Brown Ale Dirty Chai donut. I opted for the Carrot Chocolate Chip Cake Ginger Cream Cheese donut and the Pooh Bear iced latte. Phew – that was a lot of words. Since we went later in the day, we got two extra donuts for free! We even bought t-shirts because they had very cool merch.

We got lucky and were able to sit outside at one of the tables under an umbrella. It was a perfect setup to enjoy our incredibly delicious donuts and drinks in the shade. Even though we each ended up with two donuts a piece, I could barely take more than a few bites out of my second – these beauties are DENSE and the ones I had were very rich. No complaints though! We look forward to going back and trying out more of their eclectic creations!

Here is what you need to know:
Instagram: @nomaddonuts
Location: 4504 30th St., San Diego, CA 92116
Hours: M-F 6am – 2pm, S-S 8am to 2pm