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Blogtober - 2

October means that football is in full swing!

Even though the season starts before October, there is something about this month that makes football even better. Maybe it is the cozier weather that makes tailgating and Sunday BBQs more comfortable. Maybe it’s the fact that you’re starting to see which teams have a real chance of going to the Super Bowl. Whatever the reason, football in October has always been my favorite.

With this being our first Fall in Texas, Mr. San Diego and I have quickly learned that Texas and Football go hand-in-hand. The fandom here in Dallas is incredible! We recently went to our very first Cowboys game and it was a fantastic experience! There is so much to do at AT&T Stadium and there are so many do’s and don’ts that I decided to dedicate this second Blogtober post to everything we learned about watching the Dallas Cowboys play at home.

If you’re wanting to celebrate the Fall and the Cowboys by going to a game, I’ve put together a list of things that I think will help make your experience at the game better! They’re broken up into two sections:

If you click on any of the underlined items above, it will take you directly to that section!

Happy Blogtober! xoxo


AT&T Stadium

Ahh - Jerry’s World. Home of the Dallas Cowboys, America’s Team. No matter what team you root for, there is no denying that this legacy franchise is beyond impressive when it comes to the culture and the stadium they play in. With over 3 MILLION sq.ft. and a 175’ wide jumbotron, it feels as though you’re inside a very expensive, clean, and well air-conditioned city.

From any point within the stadium, there is a television showing the game. If you’re sitting in the highest and farthest seats, you can still follow along on the massive video board. There are some really cool art pieces located all throughout the stadium and you can’t walk more than a few yards without there being a concession stand of some sort. You can spend big bucks and experience the game like a high roller or you can cheer with the masses and enjoy the exciting environment for cheap(ish)!

There are so many ways to experience a Cowboys game and I have no doubt that all of those ways are incredibly fun.

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Suggestions + Tips

Get There Early

Seriously, try to get there at least two hours early. It can take a while to park, get into the stadium, explore, find your seats, get food, etc. You can watch the players warming up on the field and there is a mini blimp that floats around dropping gift cards. In the outdoor plaza, there are drink vendors, a stage with dancers, and merchandise booths.

Take a Stadium Tour

Did you know that you can take a VIP or Self Guided Tour of the Stadium? We haven’t gone on the tour yet but we have been told by MANY people that it is absolutely worth doing! You’ll get to see the team locker rooms, the Press Box, private suites, and much more. If you’re in town for more than one day, take the tour when there is not a game happening so you don’t have any game-day restrictions. Self Guided is $22/pp and VIP is $32/pp.

If you sign up for a tour on a Rally Day, you can get autographs from the cheerleaders, have fun with on-field activities, and get access to the Kid Zone for $35/pp. Rally Days this season are Saturday October 13, Sunday November 4, Wednesday November 28, and Saturday December 8.

Download the Cowboys App

There is a map of the stadium within the app that comes in very handy and shows you where all the concessions and services are.

Not only that, but there is a category called ‘Experiences’ at the bottom of the Stadium section within the app. All you have to do is create an account for the game you’re interested in going to and you’ll find a selection of AWESOME upgrades you can purchase for a pretty penny. If you’re looking for a unique experience and don’t care about the cost, this is a great way to do it - just keep in mind that the fees are in addition to a regular price ticket purchase. For an additional $400 per person, you can get a VIP Pregame Sideline Pass and stand on the field as the players warm up. For +$200/pp, you can stand in the tunnel for high fives as the players head onto the field. For +$125/pp, you can get access to the DraftKings Fantasy Sports Lounge that is located on Field Level and get a close view of the game!

Prepaid Parking

Parking at the stadium is expensive. If you plan on driving, be prepared to shell out $75 - $100 just to park your car. If you’re determined to park by the stadium and don’t mind a little walk, you can prepay to park in one of the unofficial lots close to the stadium on You’ll spend a little less than you would for one of the official AT&T Stadium Lots.

Texas Live! for Pre or Post Game Fun

If you read the Game on a Budget section below, you’ll see a link for more details on Texas Live!, the entertainment district right next to both AT&T Stadium and Globe Life Park. It is an awesome place to gather with friends, grab something to eat and drink, and watch other games.

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Game on a Budget

The average ticket to a Cowboys game is around $110 per person and parking is at least $75. For two people, you’re looking at almost $300 just to get in through the doors. However, if you’re on a budget and don’t mind making extra efforts, you could experience a game for MUCH cheaper!

Standing Room Only Tickets

If you don’t need to sit to have a good time, you can get Standing Room Only tickets for as little as $16 per person (before fees). There are three levels of Standing Room Decks at each end zone, with additional smaller Standing Room sections along the stairwells. If you get there early enough, you can stake your claim along the bar-top railings for an unimpeded view of the game, or you can claim one of the several high top tables spread throughout each deck. It is a super cool social experience and a fun option if you don’t mind not having a designated seat. It is especially great if you just want to experience the stadium but don’t care much about the game.

Hotel Parking + Uber + Texas Live!

There are tons of hotels within two miles of the stadium with large parking lots. Find a decent looking hotel (even if you’re not staying there), park your car, and take an Uber to the game for less than $10.

Getting to the stadium is super easy, especially if you leave at least an hour before the game starts. It is the getting back part that can be an issue. Fear not, there is a designated Uber Section in Blue Lot 15, but not all Uber drivers know where that is. If you want to avoid a possible issue, head to the Designated Taxi Area.

If time is not an issue, you can take a super short walk down to Texas Live! (see previous blog for more details) to enjoy dinner, watch other games, or hang out until the crowds clear! We had dinner at Troy’s to keep with our Cowboys theme, but there are a few other affordable options like Guy’s Taco Joint or Pudge’s Pizza! You can also go to just watch more games on the massive indoor screen and not spend a dime!

Trolleys + Hotel Shuttles

Some of the hotels around the stadium offer free shuttle service to and from the games! Check with your hotel to see if they offer that option. If not, you can look into the Arlington Trolley for $22.09 per person - which isn’t the cheapest but could be less than what you’d pay for parking.

Pre-Game Drinks

While beers at AT&T aren’t the most expensive I’ve seen at a stadium, they’re still not cheap. Luckily for you, there is a Walmart RIGHT NEXT to AT&T Stadium. It is literally across the street. Go grab yourself a cheap drink, chug it in the parking lot away from law enforcement or security, and save your pennies.

Designated Drivers

I’m usually the Designated Driver when my husband and I go out to events. He likes to enjoy a few beers and I enjoy being responsible behind the wheel. Plus, I’m not a fan of drinking when I want to pay attention to something. If you go to Section 219 and 244, you can get a free bottle of water when you sign up to be a Designated Driver. They’ll give you a wristband and you’ll quench your thirst at no cost. Once your free bottle is empty, you can head to one of the water fountains for a refill.

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Things You Need to Know

  • All NFL Stadiums have a strict bag policy and AT&T Stadium is no exception. Click here for a detailed list of what is allowed. I got my bag through Amazon but you can find cuter bags with team logos and fancy straps if you search for them.

  • No matter where you sit, the massive jumbotron means that you have a good view of the game.

  • Currently, there is no public transit to the stadium.

Not only did we have a great time at the game, the Cowboys beat the Lions! Our first trip to Jerry’s World was a huge success and we can’t wait to go back again.


Troy's at Texas Live!

Want to keep the post-game buzz going? Head over to Troy’s at Texas Live! for some live music, good food, and drinks! As the name suggests, Troy’s is owned by none other than Cowboys Legend Troy Aikman. You can sit outdoors and enjoy live music, or head inside for one of his gourmet burgers.

If you’re going after a game, be prepared for there to be A LOT of people passing through. It might seem overwhelming but we were seated in under twenty minutes. Both Mr. San Diego and I ordered burgers and they were great! The only thing that surprised me was the lack of any Cowboys decorations, but the fact that everyone in there after a game is wearing a Cowboys jersey makes up for it.

Let me know if you have any other tips to share or if you’ll be going to a game soon! Hope you enjoyed this post!

Happy Blogtober! XOXO