Blogtober | 10 Things I Love About October

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What is Blogtober, you ask? Well - it stands for Blog and October! For this entire month, I will be posting THIRTEEN October related posts because this is my absolute favorite time of the year! You can expect three posts every week that range from local seasonal happenings to my favorite How To's.

To kick off this new blog series, I'm sharing ten weirdly-specific reasons why I think October is the absolute best! 

01 - Trader Joe’s Pumpkin products

Did I run to Trader Joe’s the moment they released their seasonal line of pumpkin flavored items? OF COURSE I DID. Have you ever had pumpkin butter or pumpkin spice tea?! It is like heaven in your mouth and it is only available for a few months every year. There are many, many more pumpkin products available at Trader Joe’s, but these are a few of my favorites to keep in the pantry. Don’t forget to grab your own cinnamon broom stick!

02 - bath & body works candles

I completely ignore Bath & Body Works until September/October comes around. I’ll find myself walking along a shopping center when I’m suddenly taken over by the scents of Fall. My nose leads me towards B&BW in a blissful trance and I wake up an hour later with an empty wallet and a sniffer filled with the scents of pumpkin and no regrets. There is no candle in the world that I love more than Pumpkin Pecan Waffle, and I curse that they only sell that scent in a limited range of products. Pro Tip: Make sure you are signed up for their mailing list. They often send out awesome coupons and they regularly have killer one-day sales.

03 - Freeform 31 Nights of Halloween

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Formerly known as ABC Family’s 13 Nights of Halloween, Freeform switched things up this year and are airing a Halloween themed movie every single day in October! I AM SO EXCITED. I love all the classic - Hocus Pocus, Addams Family, Nightmare Before Christmas, ParaNorman, etc. I don’t care that most of these movies are for children - I will watch every single one of them because I love them all! I only wish that I was able to curate their daily list because there are a few favorites that they’re not showing (AHEM - Halloweentown, Casper, It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown), but they make up for it by making sure that they air Hocus Pocus SEVEN times on Halloween Day!

04 - AE flannel tops

American Eagle comes out with the BEST flannels every single year! I always look forward to the new flannels, always buy a bunch, and live in the them until it starts to get warm again. They’re so soft, long, and cozy! I’ve been wearing AE flannels forever and I will continue to wear them until they stop selling them…which I hope never happens.

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05 - Post Season Baseball

Post Season baseball is incredible! The Dodgers are playing Game 163 and I’m a basket of anxiety, hope, and fear. Will they win the Division? The Wild Card? Either way, a one game Wild Card series is technically the Post Season- so at least we can add that to Wikipedia. Follow up with me in a few days to see how my heart is faring.

06 - The Decorations

Michaels + Fall = HEAVEN. I love, love, love being able to decorate with fall foliage, gourds, skulls, and all things October. If I could, I would keep my decorations up all year long. I adore the colors and the smells and find myself spending more time than necessary at Michaels and Joann because they have great deals this time of year!

07 - Fireplaces

Crappy phone photo of this incredibly large and awesome fireplace at a ski resort in Canada!

Now that we live in Texas, we actually have fireplace-appropriate weather! I am so excited for chilly evenings this month so I can cozy up by our wood-burning fireplace. Our nights have already cooled down substantially and I’m no longer dying from brutal Texas heat. I can’t wait to spend many nights in my LoveSac, reading by the fire or watching one of the many amazing Halloween movies.

08 - Pumpkin Spice creamer

Of all the pumpkin spiced products that come out seasonally, pumpkin spice creamer is the one that I have loved the longest! I’ve been drinking it forever and it is always a sign of the start of the season. I’ve recently discovered that I am NOT a fan of PSLs from Starbucks, so I can’t jump on that Pumpkin Spice Bandwagon - but this creamer is way better and I actually prefer the Kroger brand to the Coffee Mate one that I’ve been drinking for years.

09 - Apple cider everything!

My love for apple cider knows no bounds! In drinks, in food, in candles - it is THE BEST! You’ll start to find jugs of the stuff in grocery stores and can brew your own to make your house smell amazing. I will be drinking this stuff until the New Year. Stay tuned to Blogtober to find out what exactly is in that cup and how to make it yourself!


I love Halloween for so many reasons, but having a partner who enjoys being silly and playing along is something that makes me love Halloween more than ever! Any excuse to dress up and be creative is bound to be something I’m obsessed with. I look forward to it every year!