Waco | Magnolia for My 32nd Birthday!

Yesterday was my 32nd birthday! Mr. San Diego and I decided to celebrate by driving to Waco and exploring all things Magnolia. We (I) love all things Chip and Jo and I was super excited to check out the Silos, the restaurant, and the bakery! Honestly, all aspects of the adventure lived up to my expectations and I took way more photos than necessary, spent more money than planned, and indulged on too many sugary treats (#noragrets).

If you want to bypass my abundance of photos and jump to something specific, use the links below:

Magnolia Table

I'm pretty sure Mr. San Diego and I had luck on our side during our visit to Magnolia Table. We read tons of reviews prior to going and many of them said that this establishment is always packed, has crowded parking, and super long wait lines. We barely experienced any of that!

Although we did see several cars circling the parking lot, we found a spot immediately. We checked in with the hostess without having to stand in the queue and only had to wait half an hour to be seated. Since there is a patio area with a coffee bar, I was able to sip on a delicious iced lavender latte in the shade while we waited. They have a lot of outdoor seating for those waiting and even a little area with games for kids to play. My hair was the only thing that suffered from the wait, as this weekend in Waco was hot and SOO HUMID. 

Based on what I saw about fifteen minutes after we arrived, our experience is not standard. There is a Disneyland-esque queue just to put your name in with the hostess and it was filling up quickly! Adding to the Disneyland comparison, the staff all have name tags that show where they're from. 

All in all, we loved everything about this restaurant - the design, the food, the friendly staff. Our waitress was the sweetest, my French Toast came with strawberry butter, and the prices were very reasonable. Waco is only about one-hundred miles from Dallas and I definitely intend to go back again!

Pro Tips:

  • Get there early and put your name in! They close at 3pm but can have such a long waitlist that they stop taking names as early as 1pm. They don't take reservations, so it's first-come-first-serve.
  • If you get a regular coffee or iced tea at the coffee bar outside, save your receipt and you'll get a free refill once you're seated.
  • Active Military and Veterans get a 10% discount in the restaurant and the Take Away shop!

The Outside

The Food

The Inside

Take Away Market

Magnolia Market at the Silos

If you love Fixer Upper and Chip and Jo, then you will LOVE the Silos! It is such a fun spot to hang out with friends and family, do some shopping, get some good eats, and find some creative inspiration. We shared an ice tea, ate some goodies from the bakery, spent a lot of money in the market, and enjoyed lounging in the shade and enjoying the environment. There are several food trucks along the courtyard with several sweet and savory options. Burgers, desserts, grilled cheeses - they all smell delightful! Crowds are to be expected but it doesn't take away from the experience. We loved it!

Pro Tips:

  • There is a free parking lot along the back of the Silos! Check it out first before pulling into one of the paid lots.
  • Check out the free Silo Trolley - they stop at the Market! 
  • If you want a treat from the bakery but the line is too long, you can go to the airstream trailer in the courtyard and get some of the same goodies they have inside.
  • Alabama Sweet Tea Company serves their drinks in glass mason jars that you get to keep for $8 and it comes with a $2 refill!
  • Check out the Magnolia Warehouse Shop, the original Magnolia shop off Bosque Avenue, for discontinued or slightly damaged items at a super discounted rate. If you buy something at the Silos, your receipt will get you an additional 10% off at the Warehouse Shop. There isn't too much available but it's worth checking out! They were originally only going to be open until August 25th but they decided to keep it open until the end of the year.

The Silos

The Market

Silos Baking Co

Waco Suspension Bridge

Before we left Waco, we decided to check out the cool Suspension Bridge we always see on Fixer Upper. We learned that it is the oldest standing Suspension Bridge in Texas - and, it's really pretty!

384 Months Old

I had a great birthday and loved exploring Waco! Even though it was really hot and humid, it was fantastic!