August Favorites

August has been hot - really hot! I have held off trying out new makeup products since it all practically melts off my face in this Texas heat. Instead, I have been having fun playing with new products to keep my face clean and my pits fresh!

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1. Lume Deodorant - $19.99

This is, hands down, the best natural deodorant I have ever used!

I have been using natural deodorants for years and it has been a struggle to find one that keeps the stink away and doesn't irritate my underarms. I have tried A LOT of different natural brands, and while some irritate less than others, there hasn't been a deodorant that has been perfect. Lume Deodorant was not something I had ever heard of but it kept showing up on my Instagram as a sponsored post so I decided to give it a try.

After the first use, I was surprised at the consistency and blown away by the results. The product feels like lotion and is dispensed in an air-pump container. You rub the product on your pits and it absorbs quickly and leaves NO residue. After a while, it feels and looks like you have nothing on. Sixteen hours later, I did a pit check and I didn't smell anything - not the deodorant, not a hint of body odor - NOTHING. I went to sleep and when I woke up the next morning, there was still ZERO stink. Not only that, but my underarms were not even remotely red or irritated! It has been two weeks now and my underarms are the happiest they have ever been!

Honestly, I hope this company stays around forever because I am a life-long fan now and don't want to use anything else. IT IS AMAZING.

In Summary, This Is Why It Rocks:

  • Natural - no aluminum, no baking soda.
  • Leaves zero residue and absorbs quickly.
  • Works for at least 24 hours but claims to work for 48.
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2. Face Halos - 3 for $22

Face Halos are round microfiber makeup removers that only require water and claim to remove all of your makeup. I was very suspicious and doubtful of these claims but I kept seeing these mentioned by certain YouTubers and I decided to see give it a try.

Let me just say, I am obsessed with these now. After one use, I was sold! All you do is soak these in water, wring out the excess, and it takes everything off quickly and with ease. My waterproof mascara, my eyeliner, EVERYTHING came off - all without chemicals and without having to rub or tug around my eye areas. My face is incredibly clean afterward, with no leftover makeup (it passes the toner test) and no residue! The best part is, they're washable and reusable! I'm always forgetting to buy more makeup wipes and it drives me nuts. With these, as long as I regularly wash them, I always have some on hand. I ended up buying three more packs after my first set! 

Where to Get It:

3. Green Goo dry skin care - $14.95

I did not realize how much I liked this product until I was scraping the last bits out of a container I had emptied! Green Goo's Dry Skin Care is an all-natural balm that melts into an oily moisturizer to help relieve dry and cracked hands and feet, eczema, flaky rashes, red dry bumps, and psoriasis. The eczema claims are the reason that I purchased this product because I have very annoying eczema on my hands/wrists and eyelids. 

If I'm being honest, it didn't improve my eczema at all (sigh)- BUT, it did works wonders on my dry hands and cuticles! Using this product made a difference in the feeling and appearance instantly! Once I ran out, I immediately went out and got another one!

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4. Clinique Exfoliating Scrub - $22.50

I've been using expensive exfoliators for years and had no idea Clinique made their own affordable-ish scrub! I use the Clinique Face Soap and Toner, and this Exfoliating Scrub is the perfect addition to my skincare routine! It has fine exfoliating granules, a delightful minty sensation, and it makes my skin feel so good! I love it!

Where to Get It:

5. Invisibobble - $7.95

You know what I hate? Creases in my hair from hair ties! I don't wash my hair every day and I loatheeeee having to deal with that damn crease whenever I feel like putting my hair up. These Invisibobbles look like a ring made of phone cords. They stretch out to wrap around your hair, retain enough tension to keep your hair up, and the best part is - THEY DON'T LEAVE CREASES! Yasssss. They come in different colors, thicknesses, and some even have scents. Mine claim to smell like macarons but they actually smell like Big League Chew Bubblegum.

Where to Get It:

6. Tony Moly Egg pore nose strips - $6.50

I had forgotten how much I enjoy pore strips! They are so satisfying when you rip them off and see the evidence of what was lurking underneath your pores! These work really well, the packing is cute, and they're cheap. Win-win!

Where to Get It:

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- Fantasy Footballers Podcast -

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Mr. San Diego has been listening to this podcast for two years now and it has been his secret weapon to Fantasy Football success. Having won his league's championship two seasons in a row, this hour-long podcast airs every weekday throughout the entire football season. Two years of listening, two years of winning - can't be a coincidence. Now that the season has started back up, this podcast is back on daily rotation as Mr. San Diego begins his quest for a three-peat. He says, "you're welcome, I didn't really want to put this in here and I hope no one in my league reads your blog". 

Favorite Movie: John McCain - for whom the bell tolls

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John McCain lived an extraordinary life, and while this documentary came out prior to his passing this month, it is an incredible portrayal of his life. Regardless of your political affiliations, McCain's sincerity is overwhelming, his acknowledgement of his mistakes is important, and his passion for his country is infectious. It is an incredibly well-done documentary and absolutely worth watching.

Favorite Binge #1: Parks and Recreation

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Mr. San Diego and I finally binged Parks and Recreation! I had never watched it and always heard how good it was. We have now watched four of the seven seasons and I love it! How did I miss out on this incredibly well-written and perfectly cast show when it was on air? Leslie Knope is an incredible character filled with hope, good intentions, and a sincere passion for being a champion public servant in Government. Even though she is fictional, she is kind of what I needed right now.

If you are a fool like me and have never watched this series, I highly recommended it! 

“We have to remember what’s important in life: friends, waffles, and work. Or waffles, friends, work. But work has to come third.” — Leslie Knope.


Favorite Binge #2: Making It

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Okay, this isn't necessarily a binge since the season still has one episode left (finale on Sep 4), but I adore this show! It is filling the void that The Great British Bakeoff left, but instead of Brits and baking, it has Amy Poehler, Nick Offerman, and CRAFTS! Yes, two binge pics with the exact same cast, but you can't tell me that Amy and Nick aren't absolutely amazing! I am loving how sweet the show is, how impressive the crafts and crafters are, and how positive and supportive they are. 

Favorite Other: Amazon Prime Wardrobe

I love all things Amazon Prime, and Prime Wardrobe is no exception. I recently decided to give the service a try and I am a fan! Essentially, you can select up to eight clothing and accessory items that are eligible for Prime Wardrobe and you have seven days after delivery to try them out. They ship it to you for free in a resealable box, you can try everything on, and you only pay for the items you decide to keep. Return shipping is also free. Prices range from super affordable basics to expensive high-end brands. Not all clothing on Amazon is eligible, but there are A LOT of items that are. You do not have to choose eight items but there is a minimum requirement of three, with no price threshold, and you can't select multiples of the same item (i.e. same shirt in different colors). Also, they do not ship within the two-day timeframe normally associated with Prime and it takes about a week to get your box, and you have to drop it off at your local UPS within the seven days or they automatically charge you (but they give you A LOT of warnings as the seventh day approaches). If you can muster some patience and love the convenience of in-home try-ons, then this service is great! 

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