September Favorites

Ahh - September, how I love thee. The weather is starting to cool down and I’ve had A LOT of rainy days to make up for the brutal heat of my first Texan summer. I’m beyond thrilled that Fall is finally here and I have a few favorites this month that are perfect for the season.

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1. Magnolia / Joanna Gaines Earrings - $28

Technically, these earrings are called “Zia” from the brand Raven Lily - but, Joanna Gaines wears these and sells them at Magolia Market and they’re AWESOME! I’ve never been much of an earring gal but I saw these and fell in love. I tried them on and loved them even more. They’re perfect casual-but-cute earrings and I get tons of complements when I wear them!

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2. Philosophy Apple Cider Shower Gel - $18

This shower gel smells exactly just like apple cider! It is delightful! Honestly, I don’t normally spend much on shower gels, but this product is seasonal and worth the little splurge. It is perfect for a bubble bath too!

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3. Clinique Turnaround Revitalizing Moisturizer - $42

Clinique is one of my favorites brands and I am surprised it took me so long to try out this night cream. I’ve noticed that my skin is starting to need a little move love and this cream feels like it’s making a difference! It is thick, creamy, but hasn’t clogged my pores. I’m a fan!

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4. Orly Breathable Treatment + Color - $8.99

Time to bust out the Fall colors and Namaste Healthy by Orly immediately caught my eye. It is a gorgeous shade of deep red and I really like the formula and the applicator. I’m completely unsure about the benefits of the “Breathable” aspect of this nail polish, but I didn’t need a top coat or a base coat (it claims not to need them) and so far, it’s lasted several days without any chipping. Trust me - I’m a picker and it was really hard to pick this stuff off.

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5. Jo Malone Peony + Blush Suede Cologne - $68

I AM SO OBSESSED WITH THIS COLOGNE! I’ve tried samples of different Jo Malone scents in the past, and while some smelled very nice, they didn’t seem to last very long. However, I recently tried a sample of Peony + Blush Suede and not only did it last long, but the smell was to die for!!! After my sample ran out, I immediately ran out and purchased a bottle of it! It smells sooo good!

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6. Toms Spiced Carmel Sneakers - $49.95

Would you ever guess these are Toms?! How cute are these sneakers? I’m normally a Keds loyalist for low profile sneakers but these have such an awesome vintage look to them. The color is perfect for Fall and they’re super comfortable. I love them! Apparently they’re no longer available on the Toms website but if you want your own pair, you can find them at Zappos.

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1. Trader Joe’s Maple Leaf Cookies

Mr. San Diego says, “They’re good. I like these a lot”.

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Favorite Movie: Nappily Ever After

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Sanaa Lathan is SO GOOD in this Netflix movie based on the Trisha Thomas book. There are so many incredible themes of self-love and authenticity that I absolutely loved, and Lathan had a few very powerful scenes that made me cry and laugh with her.

Favorite Binge: The Good Place

Image Source:    IMDB

Image Source: IMDB

GAH - I love Kristen Bell and I have fallen in love with all the characters on this show. The writing is clever and hilarious, and I love that they are subtly insightful and support diversity. Season One and Two are now streaming on Netflix, and Season Three just started!

Favorite Other: LoveSac

WE GOT A LOVESAC - and it is AMAZING! I’ve wanted one for SO LONG and we got such an incredible deal on it. It is like lounging on a soft cloud of happiness and I am sooooo happy with it!

PSA: LoveSac is currently doing roadshows at different Costco locations and we got a SuperSac, Squattoman, and Fox Faux Fur covers for 43% off!

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