Liège Waffles

Look, I’m a high-maintenance girl. There is no pretending that I’m not. That is why I’m a big fan of these liège waffles - they are HIGH MAINTENANCE A.F.! Not only do they require fancy schmancy pearl sugar, but they also contain yeast and need to have risen twice!

While these may be more work than standard waffles, they are absolutely worth it. The balance from the yeasted batter against the pearl sugar means these aren’t too sweet, and the yeast really makes the inside of the waffle super fluffy. Plus, it is a true testament of your love if you make these for your sweetheart because you have to wake up two hours before they do. That makes them the perfect breakfast treat to show your partner all the work you’d go through for them, while simultaneously showing off your skills in the kitchen.

Prior to making these, I had never considered using yeast in waffle batter before - but, I kind of love it! It really elevates this waffle into a league of its own. Liège waffles really don’t need anything added to them (like your frozen waffles do) because they’re delicious all by themselves. When they start to cook in a waffle maker, the pearl sugar starts to caramelize and that is what gives the outside a fantastic crisp.

Speaking of pearl sugar, I had a very hard time finding it in stores! I couldn’t even find it at World Market and that is where I find all my international or hard to find pantry items! Luckily, Amazon sells them and they’re not terribly expensive.


Pearl Sugar:

Liege Waffle History:


Now that I know that yeast works great with waffles, I wonder how they’ll work in pancakes. I see an experiment in my near future! Wish me luck!

enjoy! xoxo