Conversation Tarts

Who needs Conversation Hearts when you could have a Conversation TART?! Ha! Get it? Yeaaaaaah.

Honestly, I really don’t feel like writing an abundance of words for this blog post. I made these awesome hot pink grapefruit tarts over a week ago and completely forgot that I left them in the freezer until last night. My intentions were to create a great Valentine’s Day post for y’all but we all know that my own heart is a lot like these tarts - frozen, neglected, and slightly bitter.

Therefore, I’m just going to share these photos because I want attention for my efforts even though I obviously half-assed this.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Just kidding about the frozen and bitter heart thing - Mr. San Diego and I are disgustingly in love and it makes me so mad that I love him so much. I used to be independent and callous, but he made me fall in love and feel emotions like joy and happiness (but I’m still kind of callous). Ugh!