RBCxHS April '19: The Night Tiger

Set in Malaysia in the 1930’s, a young orphan on a mission and a young woman on a journey find their paths crossing when mysteries, traditions, and superstitions change their lives, and the lives of three others, in unexpected ways.

Image Source :  amazon.com

Image Source: amazon.com

The Night Tiger by Yangzee Choo is the Reese's Book Club x Hello Sunshine pick for April 2019! This book is an incredible adventure that touches your heart, fills you with wonder, and gives you an appreciation for cultural superstitions and stories.

Part of what makes this story so lovely is that the author made the culture and the environment characters in their own right. Without knowing a single thing about Malaysia in the 30’s, you find yourself transported to a vivid place and time, with a clear understanding of how the local circumstances affect the life of the main characters.

There is suspense, mystery, tragedy, hope, magic, and plot twists! All the makings of a highly entertaining story!

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*** spoilers ahead ***

You know what I love? Being completely surprised by a plot twist! While I did think that Lydia was weird and obviously desperate, I had no idea that she would be a ruthless killer! To use her position at the hospital as a means to secretly poison women she found threatening is terrifying. To essentially blackmail a man into being with you, after accusing him of killing another woman, is intense. She made for such a good psycho and I did not even see it coming!

Aside from the exciting ending, I was absolutely rooting for the not-really-incest love story! While it may be weird to fall for someone you’ve referred to as your brother for years, they’re not technically related by blood…sooooo…you know, it’s not really all that bad. After all the lousy situations that Ji Lin found herself in with men - whether at the dance hall or with rich lame-o’s who can’t drive - I love that she ended up with someone who loved her and shared a magical Confucian Virtue connection with. She was getting a chance to do what she wanted and to be with someone that she wanted, when it seemed like she would have no choice but to settle as a dressmaker.

As for our other main character, all of the aspects about Ren were incredible. His connection to the world felt deep and pure, and his desire to do what was right made him soo special. He went to great lengths to make sure that a dead man’s finger was reunited with him in his grave. His big heart led to him getting shot, for crying out loud! How could you not love him?! At such a young age, he had already experienced so much and he felt both simultaneously young with curiosity and old with wisdom from tragedy. No parents, no twin, two Masters dead, shot. Poor kid, I tell you.

When the book came to an end and I read that Ren, Ji Lin, and Shin were all heading to the same location, my heart jumped for joy! Shin was fully escaping his Father. Ji Lin was escaping a doomed destiny. Ren was escaping the burdensome responsibilities placed upon him. They were all finally on the path to happiness and it was the perfect ending to a fantastic book!

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happy reading! xoxo