Current Favorites - Body Edition

It has been ages since I’ve done a Favorites post! Honestly, I had decided a while back that I was not going to do them anymore, but I have a few things that I’ve been obsessed with and feel compelled to share with all of you. I’m calling this one the Body Edition since everything I’m sharing has a benefit to either the inside or the outside of your body.


  • Care/of Vitamins - a monthly subscription of custom vitamins in daily pre-measured packs.

  • Boie USA Body Scrubber - a germ free way to wash yo’ body.

  • Siliscrub Shampoo Brush - a gently exfoliating brush for your scalp.

  • Cora Tampons - a quarterly subscription of organic cotton tampons.

  • Club Pilates - a boutique pilates group fitness studio with Reformer machines.

  • Boom Boom Aromatherapy Nasal Inhaler - a stick that you sniff that helps wake up the senses naturally.

  • Gaiam Foot Massage Ball - a foot massager that feels like bliss on your tense and achy feet.

1. Care/of Vitamins - $ Varies

I have always been terrible about taking vitamins. I get on a kick, spend a bunch of money on different vitamins, stay diligent for two weeks and then fall off the wagon. There are a lot of bottles that run out at different times and I never really know if I’m buying a “quality” brand or not. When it comes to vitamins, my discipline is almost non-existent.

However, four months ago, I received an advertisement in the mail with a 50% coupon for pre-packaged custom vitamins with Care/of and I thought I’d give it a try. First, you take a 40-something question quiz on their website and they provide you with a recommendation on what vitamins to take, the monthly price per each, and complete details on why they recommended them and what the benefits and studies are. You can pick what they offer or go rogue and select whatever you’d like.

After you make your selections, they send you a box that contains a month’s worth of daily packets with your custom vitamins. I keep my box on my desk at work and it has a cute design with a convenient cutout for grabbing your packs. This way, I don’t have to mess with a bunch of vitamin containers and I have my exact portions ready for me. To make it easy to remember, they have a shockingly useful app that has an option for a daily notification reminder to take your vitamins. For every consecutive day that you log into the app and notate that you took your vitamins, you get a point towards a goal for “carrots”, which is their own reward system that you can redeem for money off your next box or for products. I am really good about logging in to the app daily and I’ve received $10 off each new box so far.

It really is an incredibly well thought out system and I haven’t missed a day of vitamins. My pack consists of a Probiotic Blend, B-Complex, Calcium, two Veggie Omega-3s, Astaxanthin, and a Garlic pill. I have noticed a huge difference in my digestion, in my skin and nails, and shockingly, in my eczema. Most of my pills are vegan, which means I don’t have to worry about my dairy or shellfish allergy, and all of the allergy indicators are listed for each vitamin.

My box is $60 a month, but with my regular $10 off from redeeming my “Carrots”, I spend $50. Yes, that is A LOT of money for vitamins, but I created a spreadsheet to compare price per pill if I were to buy the vitamins individually, and there was only a $7 monthly difference. For the convenience of the pre-packaged daily pouches (which are SO handy while traveling) and the awesome app that keeps me on track, I think the price is absolutely worth it for me.

If you have been looking to find an easy way to get on track with your vitamins, this might be something that works for you!

Use my referral link to order your first box: You’ll get $40 off your first box and I’ll get 8,000 “Carrots” to redeem. Gimme them carrots!

2. Boie body scrubber - $8

Apparently loofahs/poufs are disgusting and bacteria-laden. Yuck.

I had been looking for a body washing alternative and found an awesome $8 body scrubber that is antimicrobial, slightly exfoliating, and completely yuck-free. Boie USA’s body scrubber feels kind of like rubber and silicone, has little “bristles” all over, easily works up a lather, and is only $8. I’m never going back to poufs and I love that I’m not smearing bacteria all over myself.


3. Siliscrub shampoo brush - $5

I’ve never thought I’d need a tool for shampooing my hair until I decided to use one and realized it was a major game changer! I use a lot of hair product - dry shampoo especially - and it isn’t exactly forgiving on my scalp. I was convinced I had dandruff until I saw an ad for the Siliscrub shampoo brush. The soft silicone bristles gently scrub at your scalp and remove build up from your head, making your lovely follicles squeaky clean! After just one use, I noticed a MASSIVE difference! About 95% of my “dandruff” was gone! I went three days without washing my hair and my scalp still looked great. The brush doesn’t scratch or hurt your scalp and it’s a super cheap item to add to your routine!


4. cora tampons - $ varies

This isn’t the first time I’ve talked about tampons on my blog and it will not be my last.

If you have never used organic cotton tampons before, you should really give them a try because they might change your life! They absolutely changed mine! Periods are never pleasant but the big brand tampons I had been using from years were apparently making them SO MUCH WORSE because they’re full of chemicals that they’re not required to disclose. When I switched to organic tampons, my discomfort and cramps immediately decreased by more than half, if not more! Now, I know that everyone’s time of the month is different and some of you have serious issues with Aunt Flo - so I understand that this won’t be a miracle for everyone - but it was a massive change for me. After a couple years of using organic tampons, I had to use a big brand tampon because I accidentally ran out and had to ask a friend for one. I was in total agonnnnnnyyyyyyy and I immediately knew that it was because I used a big brand tampon-of-death. Luckily, Target now sells a brand of organic tampons called Cora and I was able to get a box immediately instead of having to order them online. They’re comparably priced and a saving grace in times of need. I’ve used brands from Whole Foods, had a subscription with Lola for a long time, and now I have a subscription with Cora.

I like Cora because the subscriptions are quarterly instead of monthly and they offer slightly more variety. I like having a subscription so I never accidentally run out again and have to use a devil-tampon from hell. They get mailed to my home and I never have to ask my husband to run out and grab me some (although he absolutely would because he’s the greatest).

Use my referral link and code to order your first box: and enter “referral4398” at checkout. You’ll get 15% off your first box and I get $5 towards my future box.

5. Club pilates - $$$

Trying to not be fat and out of shape is really, really hard. UGH. I joined a local Club Pilates studio at the start of April and the workouts have been KICKING MY BUTT. Pilates is hard - really, really hard - but I think I’ve fallen in love with it in a masochistic way. It isn’t easy and I think about quitting at least once during some point of the workout, but after a month of going four to five times a week, I am starting to feel STRONG. I haven’t lost much weight but my goals weren’t ever scale-oriented. All I really wanted was to get off my ass and feel better, and honestly, I’m really starting to feel good. My progress has thus far been like cooking a Texas brisket - doin’ it slow and low - but I can feel muscles all over my entire body getting stronger and that makes me really, really happy. Mr. San Diego says my butt is starting to look like a butt finally, which is amazing since I’ve always had a dimpled flapjack for a backside!

What I particularly love about my Club Pilates studio is that I don’t feel out of place there. I don’t feel like the “ugly fat girl” who can’t keep up. Everyone is working at their own pace, with their own modifications, while surrounded by all shapes, sizes, and ages. There is a Club Pilates app where you can sign up for classes and they have a 12-hour cancellation policy that costs $12 each time you break it. I am SOOOO happy they have that policy because it forces me to go to class, even when I’m whining and complaining. I’m not disciplined enough on my own to make good decisions, so this fee for failure is perfect motivation for those days when I just don’t want to go.

The one and only downside to my membership is the price. It isn’t cheap and I’ve had to cut a handful of things out of my life to accommodate the cost. However, I am making this investment in myself and my wellbeing, and I’m okay with that. I know that if I keep going, I will really see some serious changes in my body and I am thrilled by the potential.


6. BoomBoom Aromatherapy Nasal Inhaler - $8

This one is kind of weird but I’m obsessed with it. It is a nasal inhaler with a powerful aromatherapy scent that gives your senses a serious jolt. Made from all natural essential oils and menthol, it is bizarrely refreshing. If you’re like me and are always congested, you will love the cooling sensation and the feeling of freshness. It isn’t a decongestant but it does make your airways feel soothed, even if just for a moment. I’ve been using this at 2pm in the office when I start to feel that 2pm-crash, and before working out, and after working out, and in the mornings, and, well…all the damn time because I love it. I’ve purchased a few different scents and my favorite is definitely the Wintermint.

If you feel weird about putting a stick to your nose and taking deep breaths like Tony Montana, then you might not like this product. If you’re not shy and love the smell of essential oils and menthol, this might just be for you.


7. Gaiam Foot Massage Ball - $7

Now that I have started working out again, I have been experiencing A LOT of tension and cramping in my hamstrings, quads, and feet. It is not only painful, but a giant hindrance to my ability to complete a workout. To try to help my body out, I have been using a foam roller, muscle roller stick, and a foot massage ball. If you’ve ever foam rolled or muscle rolled, you know it hurts like a beotch but really helps your muscles…but foot massage balls, they’re absolute bliss.

Words cannot explain it. You might not even realize how tense and sore your feet are until you try to massage them with this roller. Whether sitting or standing, the foot massage ball does a sort of reflexology on your feet and it feels like a deep tissue massage by someone with a strong hand. It might hurt a little but OMG, the relief is heaven. HEAVEN I TELL YOU. If you’re on your feet all day or trying to release the tension before a workout, this tiny little ball of bliss works like magic.

There are lots of other brands and styles of foot massage balls/rollers, but I’m linking the one I have since I know it’s incredible. I’ve actually had mine for years and Mr. San Diego had stolen it to use while at his desk. With all my tension issues, I stole it back and was reminded of how much I love it!