4th of July Miss American Pie

Tomorrow is the 4th of July and I have the perfect pie to celebrate the occasion! Behold this super cool flag pie, or as I have been calling it, my Miss American Pie! *cue Don McLean* It is perfect for summer, perfect for the holiday, and it honestly wasn’t too hard. One side is blueberries, the other is a strawberry and raspberry combo. Buy pre-made crust if you want to take the easy route (no judgment here), or make the crust yourself and accidentally burn some spots as I did!

I found the recipe for this pie on the Land O Lakes website. Yes, they sell butter, but I made this pie twice and I really enjoyed it!

To keep the berries from mixing, use a thick-ish layer of foil as a barrier and fill up the sides. Once your pie is full, remove the foil and the berries shockingly stay put. To make the stars, you can use a small cookie cutter as I did, and use a ruler to make the stripes. The crust was really simple to make and it didn’t even require blind baking. No soggy bottoms here! This pie tastes like America and summer wrapped into one! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Recipe: landolakes.com/recipe/16619/american-berry-pie/

enjoy! xoxo