Pecan Banana Bread

Is there anything better than a slice of warm, freshly baked banana bread and a cup of coffee in the morning? I think not. It is SUCH an easy thing to bake and it makes your house smell divine! Sometimes I feel like buying bananas and intentionally letting them get a little too brown so I can whip up a loaf and live my best life.

Here is the deal - I am well aware that banana bread is usually paired with walnuts, but I had toasted a bunch of pecans for a completely different baking attempt that I epically failed. Instead of using them on my failure, I decided they would be perfect in my loaf. Well, I hoped they would be perfect. Luckily for me and this bread, they actually were!!! I’m convinced that this bread has magical powers. Having a bad day? Eat a warm slice and suddenly the birds start singing happy songs. Feeling frazzled? One bite clears your mind, heart, and soul. Magic, I tell you. Pure magic.

To make this bread yourself, check out Lauren’s Latest for the recipe!


Enjoy! xoxo