Reese's Book Club | August '19: The Last House Guest

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The Last House Guest by Megan Miranda is the Reese's Book Club x Hello Sunshine pick for August 2019! The suicide of Sadie Loman, an affluent young woman in a small beach town in Maine, is going to be commemorated on the first anniversary of her death. Her best friend Avery, who was taken in by the Loman after the death of her parents and grandmother, begins to question whether Sadie’s death was by her own hand or someone else’s. This thriller puts everyone into question while highlighting the disparity between those who are privileged and those who are not.

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*** Spoiler Alert ***

I’m going to be honest here - I almost gave up on this book. It wasn’t until Avery found the flash drive that I got interested in the story. Most of the story up until that point felt very slow and I felt convinced I already knew what happened. I was glad to see that I was mostly wrong (but still kind of right).

At first, I was convinced that the Mother had something to do with it and that Ben Collins obviously was involved. When he casually took the cell phone from Avery after she found it, it was apparent that he was involved somehow. With thrillers, Authors throw in information that intentionally misleads you and this book was no different - but the fact that I already figured out that Collins was implicated ruined the surprise for me.

I wish that there was more focus on how the discovery affected the Loman’s. Many of us know that those with money can get away with more than those without, and it is not a new story that the wealthy can take advantage of that - but, it would have been interesting to take that a little deeper and find a way for Avery to get a more satisfying level of justice. Perhaps I’m just overthinking it - maybe Parker’s house arrest spoke truer to reality, rather than him going to prison would have been.

Overall, it was an entertaining enough book once you get past the slow beginning.

Enjoy! xoxo